Sax hire = £10pm    HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY AN INSTRUMENT?  Why not give it a go for 3 months for just  £10pm  - no obligation to buy.                               

Clarinet hire = £7pm                                         FREE ONE HOUR LESSON!   No obligation to hire or buy, just come and give it a go!

Flute hire = £7pm                               

New Trumpet  hire = £7pm             We are the only firm in the UK that discounts ALL of the 12 monthly rental payments towards the price of either the instrument that you 

New Cornet hire = £7pm                   hire or a different one.  This is ideal if your child is too small to start with an alto sax, they can start on an Alphasax and change

 Trombone hire = £7pm                   to an alto when they have grown an inch!  This also allows you to hire a student instrument for £7 - £10pm with the option to 

 Eb tenor horn hire = £15pm      upgrade to a Yamaha or other pro model on purchase.  You can start on an alto sax and change to a tenor etc.    Ask other firms if they offer this!!       

Euphonium hire = £19pm  (4 valve compensating)                      

New Yamaha Baritone Horn hire = £29pm

Yamaha oboe hire = £19pm,           

 new Yamaha Tuba = £69pm       

 Jsax = £2pm  (yes just £2pm with the option to upgrade to a standard when you are big enough! )                                                                                                                                       

 VAT free purchase for children under 18 (AIPS scheme) - please see red text below                                                                                                                                                           

Flexible rental periods.  Rental is deducted from the price if purchased.  Free one hour saxophone or clarinet lesson included.  If you can't travel to me for the lesson, I can arrange home delivery for £9 and I will send a gift voucher for the one hour lesson which can be used at any time during the hire term.

This is me with my tenor saxophone!    Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your requirements.  Thanks Richard 07484 885 619 (9am - 9pm, 7 days)

My aim is to get as many people to enjoy playing the saxophone and clarinet etc as possible!  Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to upgrade, please call me to discuss your requirements.

If you can travel to me, I offer a free one hour saxophone or clarinet lesson to help you get started.  I will customise the lesson to your requirements.  You will have "one to one" time to try the instruments in a relaxed, friendly environment.   Don't worry if you have never played an instrument before.  Most people who come for the lesson have never played an instrument before and can't read music. 

Which saxophone should I start with?

If you are a beginner to music and plan to play on your own for pleasure, I recommend the Esprit alto sax for £10 per month to hire.


These are 

supplied to me by Trevor James who have been making saxophones for over 30 years and are set-up in their Kent workshops. 

 However, if your aim is to play with others in bands etc or you have played an instrument before, you may wish to consider the Yamaha YAS-280 alto for £19 per month as the tuning is better.  


You would only need to upgrade from this if you start pIaying professionally.  The hire scheme is completely flexible.  Many beginners start with an Esprit for £10pm to keep the cost down and upgrade to a Yamaha on purchase.  The rental paid on the Esprit would count towards the price of this (or if you change to a tenor sax, flute, clarinet, cornet, trumpet or trombone of a higher value).


I also offer the following accessories for hire £1pm each (or any 3 rent free with a new Esprit alto for £15pm).   All rental paid during the hire term is deducted from the price of the instrument if you do decide to buy (even if you change to another instrument of a higher value).  There is no obligation to buy at any time, just give it a go!  

The accessory pack includes everything you need to get started:-


1. Tuition book with play along CD;

2. Saxophone stand (you will play it more if it is out ready to play!)

3. Padded neck strap (makes the sax feel 50% lighter);

4.  Harness which is ideal for children under 10 as it transfers the weight of the sax from the neck to shoulders;

5.  Music stand (helps posture when reading from the tutor book) or a metronome /tuner;

6.  Additional mouthpiece, ligature and cap (ideal if you plan to share the instrument).

PRICE MATCH: I guarantee to offer the cheapest price for new Yamaha, Yanagisawa and Trevor James instruments in the UK.  If you can find one cheaper from an authorised UK dealer (with the full guarantee) I will beat the price or add some free accessories.  This includes payment terms over 12 months!  All instruments purchased from me come with the option to sell it back to me for a guaranteed price (from £10 per month depreciation).


Why hire or buy from me?


I am a clarinet and saxophone teacher and specialise in the instruments I know about.  I have brass experts (Hazel and Helen) to advise you on brass instruments.

I offer a free one hour trial lesson with no obligation to buy or hire.

I check and play every instrument (using my own mouthpiece) to ensure that it is perfectly set up.  Ask other suppliers if they take the time to remove the manufacturers corks and play every note on the instrument before sale! 


I started playing the clarinet when I was a child and the saxophone soon after.  I enjoy playing both instruments in many bands, including Concert and Big Bands.  Since 1990 I have been the Musical Director of the Southlake Concert Band.  

My students range in age from 6 to 88, and I run quartet groups for various abilities and ages.  I initially started hiring instruments to my students because many of them were having trouble finding hire agreements that were both flexible and affordable. 

In 1996 I decided to offer instrument hire on a wider basis. The minimum period of hire is just 3 months (I offer a special weekly rate for some pro level instruments) you may then either return the instrument or continue to hire it on a monthly basis for up to 12 months.  All 12 rental payments (and the deposit) are deducted from the purchase price if you buy the instrument (even if you change to another instrument of a higher value).  This allows you to hire a cheaper instrument with the option to upgrade to a better quality instrument such as a Yamaha later. You may also change from alto to tenor/soprano, clarinet, oboe or flute etc.


 If you hire an instrument for a child under 18 in full time education and decide to buy the instrument at the end of the hire term, you can buy 

 it VAT free saving 20%.   I will refund the rental paid once I receive the payment from the school.  This ensures that you receive the full value 

VAT free, not just  the balance to buy.  This would save over £130 on a new Yamaha YAS-280 alto saxophone and over £1500 on a Selmer 

bass clarinet.  Please feel free to call me  to discuss this further.  Thanks Richard 07484 885 619                                   


I have over 100 instruments in stock including the full range of Yamaha, Yanagisawa and Trevor James saxes and some Selmer, Windcraft, Earlham and Jupiters. I offer three options:-

1. Hire with the option to buy

Ideal if you are a beginner wishing to try the sax before buying one.  There is no obligation to buy, just try it for 3 months.  You can then either return it or continue to hire it on a monthly basis for up to 12 months.  There is no obligation to buy at any time but if you do, all 12 months rental payments would count towards the purchase price (even if you change to another instrument of a higher value).  You can try up to 4 different instruments over the 12 month hire term (if you upgrade to a Yamaha or change to a flute, clarinet or oboe etc).


2.  Buy outright with the option to sell it back to me

This option comes with a £50 discount on the purchase price and the option to sell it back to me for the same price less a set amount depreciation from £10pm for the Esprit  (eg new Esprit alto sax is £449 with the option to sell it back to me for £449 less £10pm depreciation (eg £419 refund within 3 months, £409 within 4 months etc).  There is a minimum of 3 months but no maximum term.  


3. Hire purchase over 12 monthly payments


I guarantee to be the cheapest UK supplier of new Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Trevor James and Selmer instruments so please ask  me for a quote.  If the instrument you are looking for is not listed below, please contact me as I can order most instruments within 2 days.

Jsax = £2pm (yes just £2pm with the option to upgrade to a standard sax when the child is big enough to hold it).  It is also useful for adults needing a compact and light instrument to take on holiday.  We normally replace the plastic reed with two real Vandoren 1.5 strength reeds which makes it much easier for beginners to play (but you can opt for the plastic one if you prefer).